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Light Designed By Life

BIOS® SkyBlue® lighting was designed by human biology, for human biology to promote better sleep, better energy—and better health.

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Circadian Lighting Without Compromise

BIOS lighting communicates directly with human circadian biology to reset life to a more natural state. No complicated controls, no energy-sapping increases in illumination necessary and the color temperature you want.

BIOS SkyBlue Lighting Solutions:

Regulate healthy sleeping patterns
Improve sleep quality
Increase productivity
Improve physical, mental and emotional well-being
Improve short and long-term health

Real Circadian Light for Better Sleep and Better Health

The science is clear—artificial light has a negative effect on our health. But that’s about to change. BIOS has revolutionized indoor lighting by reverse engineering human biology to create LED lighting solutions that provide the natural “blue-sky” spectrum of light that our bodies need to maintain healthy sleep patterns and promote well-being.

BIOS SkyBlue solutions are perfect for:


Improve output from staff — and outcomes for care.

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Create a more productive and healthier workforce.

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Senior Living

Reduce depression, agitation, sundowners syndrome and nighttime wandering.

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Bring energy and focus back to the classroom.

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WELL Building Standard

BIOS lighting provides industry leading LED technology that gives designers the tools they need, contributing toward satisfying Circadian Lighting Design Feature 54 under the WELL Building Standard v1 and Feature L03 under the WELL Building Standard v2.

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Light That Speaks the Language of Human Biology

To provide the light that humans need to stay healthy, you first must understand how the human body works. BIOS SkyBlue lighting was created by NASA scientists and engineers using human biology as the starting point—and working backwards from there.

Unlike other circadian lighting “technologies,” SkyBlue provides a light wavelength that communicates directly with human biology via a non-visual photoreceptor in the eye—the natural blue-sky light that our cellular biology has recognized for tens of thousands of years.

43% of our genetic expression is tied to our circadian system
87% of day working people experience social jet lag
33% increase in likelihood of obesity due to social jet lag
11% increase in likelihood of heart disease due to social jet lag