BIOS partners with lighting industry manufacturers and lighting designers to provide healthy, energy efficient lighting to everyone. To find circadian lighting Illuminated by BIOS, visit one of our partners today.

Pinnacle Architectural Lighting

Pinnacle’s commitment to creative design, quality manufacturing, short lead-times and understanding our customers’ needs has allowed us to quickly grow to be a leader in the lighting and design community. Pinnacle’s specification grade products are suited for a broad range of applications, and our integrated product line allows designers to create multi-level lighting scenarios using various luminaires from our extensive offering.

HE Williams

HE Williams makes lighting products that create ambiance, save energy and install easily, but deliver much more than that. With a balance between form and function, plus a careful combination of design, engineering and a century of insight, Williams makes A Visible Difference. From education and healthcare facilities to hospitality, corporate and industrial environments, Williams knows what it takes to create the best lighting package for your application.


With roots dating back over 100 years, KURTZON™ has always been an industry leader in serving the needs of companies and institutions seeking high-quality, energy-saving lighting solutions. Independently tested and manufactured to the highest standards, KURTZON™ specification-grade lighting is an asset our customers come to count on for savings and reliability day after day, year after year.

PMC Lighting

Founded in 1991, PMC Lighting is a family owned and operated manufacturer of quality lighting fixtures. Located in Warwick, Rhode Island, PMC is centrally located on the eastern sea-board, nestled between New York City and Boston. This affords our company the opportunity to capitalize on technological advancements as well as superior design and engineering influences from this area while maintaining our small town work ethic, experience and pride.


New Star Lighting has been a leading manufacturer of quality driven luminaires for over 30 years, with all fixtures fabricated and assembled in our production facilities in Chicago, IL. We modify and customize most fixtures to the specification of the customer utilizing the most energy efficient light sources available. From the quotation stage, to delivery, and installation, New Star keeps their customers’ needs as their main objective.


Lumetta is an innovative US manufacturer of decorative commercial luminaires, driven by engineers, craftsmen, and artisans. Through vision, innovation, creativity, and collaboration, we can modify any of our products or customize to bring your design vision to life. Lumetta has always used modern manufacturing practices in our hands-on approach and fabricate each fixture from scratch and continues to expanded our dynamic line of ceiling, wall, and portable luminaires in response to an evolution in lighting sources.


Our focus is on architecturally sensitive, high-performance, energy-effective luminaires for general, ambient, task, and architectural applications in commercial and institutional spaces. The company’s capabilities span the design, engineering, and manufacture of surface, pendant, and recessed luminaire systems. These products use both fluorescent and LED sources and incorporate integrated controls options. Sustainability is an important part of what we do every day: from the design, manufacture and distribution of our products to their performance on the job.


For over a century, Leviton’s extensive portfolio of breakthrough products has provided millions of users with the light, power and information they need to move forward and do more every day. From electrical to lighting to networking, Leviton is engineering thoughtful solutions that help make life easier, safer, more efficient and more productive.

Prudential Lighting

With 60-plus years of industry-leading expertise, Prudential Ltg. is fully embracing the LED frenzy with an onslaught of beautifully designed, remarkably controlled and amazingly efficient luminaires, all thoughtfully engineered and meticulously manufactured right here in Los Angeles. A family-run company, we remain true to our core values, wholeheartedly committed to advancing and transforming the illumination experience.


Who we are is who we have always been, innovators and partners to the lighting design community. We are a “Made in the USA” family owned and operated, multigenerational enterprise. We got our start in the lighting industry in 1982 in Huntington Beach, California, Surf City USA, and as we have reinvented ourselves a few times, we continue to thrive.

Birchwood Lighting

Since 1993, Birchwood Lighting has designed and manufactured high-quality light fixtures tailored to meet the demands of the architectural, commercial and retail design communities. A long tradition of streamlined profiles, lightweight materials, easy installation, quality manufacturing, and great service are the main ingredients of our company. Because of these all-inclusive capabilities we continue to regularly introduce stylish, innovative and functional standard products to the design marketplace as well as develop and deliver custom fixtures to order.

Intense Lighting

Established in 2001 and headquartered in Anaheim, CA, Intense Lighting believes in creating performance-driven luminaire families that provide exceptional value. Quality of light is paramount to our design philosophy – we develop products with an emphasis on optical control & efficiency while providing a high level of visual comfort. Intense strives to develop products that resonate with the architectural community by blending technology, strong design integrity & visual appeal while maintaining a focus on performance to enhance the environments where people work, play & live.


At Lightheaded we have a company-wide obsession with light. Our brand new 50,000 sq.ft facility provides for our wide range of innovative lighting products which are represented amongst a continent-wide agency network spanning clients around the globe. Our product design, engineering, technology development, testing, manufacturing, powder coating, and assembly are all completed in one North American location. Which means, we control the quality of our products from start to finish.

Spectrum Lighting

Spectrum Lighting’s design, testing and extensive in-house manufacturing facilities are unique in the industry and include optical reflectors, spun parts, machined parts, tool and die shop, welding, laser cutting, forming, powder coating and paint finishing. Even our boxes are made in-house. These capabilities allow us freedom of design and the ability to control all major aspects of costs and production, right here in the USA. Attention to detail. Precision crafted quality. Personal attention to each project.


ALW manufactures a broad array of architectural lighting – from ambient and accent to archetypal and atypical. We illuminate interior environments with integrity, imagination and innovation while providing incomparable service and support to our customers and their clients. By challenging the status-quo and innovating every aspect of our business – design, manufacturing, marketing and customer service – ALW seeks to enhance the visual experience of everyone who works, studies, shops and recreates indoors.


Family owned and operated, Metalumen has been designing, engineering and manufacturing lighting solutions since its inception in 1977. We pride ourselves on understanding the art and science or ‘craftsmanship’ of luminaire design and carefully consider the architectural environment to ensure we develop the right lighting solution. We craft our products to reflect classic design, as well as innovative trends. We marry function with design, capturing the desire of the specifier or architect while understanding the needs of the end user.


Some of the most fundamental changes in over a century are occurring within our industry and many new opportunities are developing within the field of architectural lighting. At LumenWerx, our primary goal going forward – as it has been over the last two decades – is to respond to these opportunities with the next generation of luminaries. This entirely new product line represents the latest in LED technology paired with cutting edge optics, electronics and thermal management – available in recessed, surface and pendant mounted options.